Welcome to the website of the Judicial Appointments Advisory Board

The Judicial Appointments Advisory Board (hereafter "the Board") was established pursuant to the Courts and Court Officers Act, 1995.  The purpose of the Board is to identify persons and inform the Government of the suitability of those persons for appointment to judicial office. 

Board Members

The Board consists of:

  • The Hon. Mr. Justice Donal O'Donnell, Chief Justice (Chairperson)
  • The Hon. Mr. Justice George Birmingham, President of the Court of Appeal
  • The Hon. Mr. Justice David Barniville, President of the High Court
  • The Hon. Ms. Justice Patricia Ryan, President of the Circuit Court
  • His Honour Judge Paul Kelly, President of the District Court
  • Rossa Fanning SC, Attorney General
  • Sara Phelan SC, Nominee and Chair of the Council of the Bar of Ireland 
  • Mr. John Shaw, Nominee of the Law Society
  • Dr. Eleanor O'Higgins, Ministerial Nominee
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy
  • Ms. Linda Memery (Secretary to the Board)

A person appointed to be a member of the Board by virtue of a nomination by the Chairman of the Bar Council or by the President of the Law Society and persons appointed by the Minister are members of the Board for a period not exceeding three years and any such persons so appointed shall be eligible for re-appointment to the Board.

Freedom of Information

The Judicial Appointments Advisory Board JAAB was brought under the remit of the FOI Acts on the 14th October 2014 in respect of administrative records relating to the Board.

For general information about JAAB including membership, governing legislation, functions, operating procedures etc. please click on the Annual Report 

Freedom of Information requests in relation to JAAB should be addressed to The Secretary and emailed to judicial.appts@courts.ie